Resuscitation of Choking Victims in a Pediatric Population Using a Novel Portable Non-Powered Suction Device: Real-World Data [Peer Reviewed] PDF檔請按這

Results: Over a 6-year period, a total of 21 pediatric patients recovered from a choking incident after using the device to remove the airway obstruction when standard resuscitative protocols failed. No long-term complications were reported.

The American College of Emergency Physicians

The abstract describing the success of the LifeVac in removing an airway obstruction in an adolescent simulator model will be presented at 2017 ACEP Research Forum. Abstract – LifeVac: A Novel Device for the Resuscitation of the Adolescent Choking Victim

2017 年消化系統醫學會世界大會
The World Congress of Gastroenterology 2017

Successful Resuscitation of Choking Victims Using a LifeVac, a Non-powered Portable Suction Device: Real World Experience (Abstract Category: Esophagus, Abstract Type: Clinical Vignettes/Case Reports)

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine

AJG (The American Journal of Gastroenterology)
LifeVac submission in the AJG Volume 110, Supplement 1, October 2015 Abstracts, Page, S695, Section #1624

ABEA (The American Broncho-Esophagological Association)

Novel use of a portable, non-powered, suction-generating device for management of life-threatening aerodigestive tract foreign bodies Poster #B001 – Page 106 – Thursday April 19th, 2018 Author(s)Pratik B Patel, Nina L Shapiro

International Journal of Clinical Skills – Peer Reviewed Journal

-Successful Use of a Novel device called the LifeVac to Resuscitate Choking Victims – Worldwide Results

Spain National Congress Society of Medical Emergency Services

– Post # 655 of Chapter 7. LifeVac: New device for clearing an airway obstructed by a foreign object

International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology – Peer Reviewed Journal

-Portable, nonpowered, suction-generating device for management of life-threatening aerodigestive tract foreign bodies: Novel prototype and literature review
Poster presentation at: Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM), American Bronchoesophagological Association (ABEA), National Harbor, Maryland, USA Pratik B.Patel Nina L.Shapiro